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MARS' reputation is unmatched when it comes to getting a job done anywhere, anytime. A globally trusted service partner. MARS assists shipping companies achieve maximum operations efficiency and minimize downtime through a global supply of proven technicians, workers and skilled management.

We are a team, tuned to meet the required target and are capable of ensuring optimum standard of efficiency and maximum productivity. The various categories of our workforce include Marine Mechanics, Welders, Fabricators, Hydro Blasters, Sand Blasters, Stagers,Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, Masons and a lot of other categories of Skilled workers.

We undertake projects for Hydro-blasting / Sandblasting / Surface Preparation / Painting Scaffolding / Shrink Wrap /Refurbishment of barges / Structural Steel Works / Pipe Renewal & Refitting, Tank Cleaning / Tube Bundle Cleaning... we also undertake Docking for our clients.

All our Personnel are Insured against all risks by CHARTIS American Assurance Co... We also have the Employers Liability Cover For AED. 1,000,000.00. Our Personnel are capable of working as per Marine Standards and our management takes particular care to provide all our workers with all standard facilities which includes Food, Accommodation and Transportation.


The Quality Assurance team ensures that our clients are satisfied with our services, where their feedback is collected and analyzed so that the performance is evaluated. Our clients' opinions are of vital importance so that we can continuously and progressively improve.

It has long been the company's motto that when quality is assured, it is automatically our responsibility to uphold the trust and interest of our clients and that will continue to be our main emphasis. Higher levels of quality result in higher levels of customer satisfaction which ultimately supports company profitability. It is a win-win situation.

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MARS Marine has been serving the marine industry since 2003. We have a selection of workforce who is fully qualified, experienced and trained in their respective fields and also we have a long list of satisfied Clients, who have been instrumental in our growth.

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